The Importance of Reading in Your Kid’s Life

Why Is Reading Aloud to Your Kid Important?

Stimulates the Imagination

Helps Your Child Understand the World

Develops a Bond between Parent and Child

Improves Language Skills

Increases Cognitive Development

Increases Concentration and Attention Span

Prepares Your Kid for School

Teaches a Lifelong Love of Reading

Some More Reading Tips

  • Include books that are slightly beyond your child’s reading level, so you can stretch them and motivate them to improve their skills.
  • Be consistent-read once a day at a regularly scheduled time as much as possible.
  • Read a variety of books to increase your kid’s exposure to different situations and people.
  • Choose books that you also enjoy. If you don’t like a book, your kid will be able to tell and the experience won’t be as fun or beneficial.
  • Make reading time fun by giving characters different voices and bringing the story to life with your intonation.
  • Take time to discuss vocabulary, plot, and life lessons from the book, so your child will be sure to understand the book and learn the skills they need to understand other things they read on their own and in school. The Becoming a Nation of Readers report says, “Children whose parents asked few questions or only questions that required repetition of facts from stories achieved less well in school reading than children whose parents asked questions that required thinking and who related story happenings to real life events.”
  • For early reading in picture books, try reading the pictures the first couple times through instead of the text. Guess what is happening in the picture and what will happen based on the setting and the characters and their body language. These visual connections can further help your child develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills.
  • Don’t stop reading to your kid just because they are a teenager. Reading together at that age still strengthens the parent-child bond, increases creativity, expands vocabulary, and stimulates the imagination. In a Scholastic report, 83% of kids age 6–17 said that they loved or really liked being read to.



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