Strong Adjectives to Use in Your Writing

Looking for that perfect, punchy adjective? Here is a list of our favorite strong adjectives.

Strong Adjectives to Replace Very + Weak Adjective

Very . . .

  • happy -> jubilant, ecstatic, exuberant, thrilled, elated
  • angry, mad -> furious
  • tired -> exhausted (or you can easily replace with an action: “Her hand hid a jaw-popping yawn”)
  • big -> enormous, huge, immense
  • hot -> sweltering, scorching
  • difficult -> arduous, strenuous
  • cold -> freezing, icy (or replace with an action: “His red nose dripped in the frigid air, and he rubbed his hands together, trying to get back some feeling in his fingers.”)
  • pretty -> beautiful, gorgeous, stunning
  • thirsty -> parched
  • small -> tiny, diminutive, puny
  • slow -> sluggish, sedate
  • loud -> deafening
  • painful -> excruciating, torturous
  • sad -> miserable, depressed
  • careful, exact -> fastidious, meticulous
  • dirty -> filthy
  • smelly -> pungent, acrid, rank, putrid

More Great Adjectives

What strong adjectives have you used in your writing? Join the conversation and discover how Book Cave can help your books reach more readers at

Originally published at on December 9, 2020.



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