How Your Author Website Can Convert Readers into Fans

Your author website can be a great way to find-and keep!-readers. Here are some things you can change on your website to convert readers into fans.

Convert readers into fans with an attractive author website

1. Make your homepage attractive to your target audience.

2. Make your site look professional by branding yourself with color.

3. Format the text on your author website to be readable

4. Use a great author picture

Convert readers into fans with a call to action

5. Include a newsletter signup button on the home page.

6. Give your readers an incentive for signing up for your newsletter.

7. Put your newsletter signup button and information at the bottom of your Books page.

Convert readers into fans by making you and your site accessible

8. Include an easy navigation bar.

9. Include links to your social media pages and share buttons.

Second, make sure social media share buttons are prominently displayed so readers can easily share your content on their social media pages.

10. Add links to the books described and pictured on your site

11. Make it easy for readers (and others) to contact you.

Many times authors are also contacted by people who aren’t readers: bloggers who want to feature their book, organizers of conferences who are looking for speakers, or people who want to place bulk orders-and much more. Making yourself easy to find will help you sell books in the long run.

Originally published at on March 29, 2017.

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