How Email Templates Can Help Authors

Why Are Email Templates a Good Idea?

When Should I Use Email Templates?

  • Answering commonly asked questions (an email template for each question).
  • Requesting a beta reader to read your book.
  • Requesting a book reviewer to review your book.
  • Responding to speaking requests.
  • Responding to bloggers asking to post on your blog with submission guidelines.
  • Requesting to be a guest blogger on another blog site.
  • Sending your book to an editor.

When Should I Not Use an Email Template?

  • Fast responses that would take less time to just type out
  • Unique situations that don’t fit an email template
  • Sending confidential information (never save confidential information in an email template; if you truly want it to be
  • Confidential, send it as an encrypted email)

Setting Up Email Templates in Gmail Online

Setting Up Email Templates in Outlook



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