Celebrating Your Writing Journey

What to Celebrate?

  • reaching your word count or task goal for the day
  • getting in a solid block of writing in a day
  • meeting a fantastic editor who makes your writing shine
  • finishing another read-through of your book, resulting in an even more polished product
  • finishing your first book draft
  • publishing a book, independently or with a publisher
  • getting a publishing deal with a publisher
  • getting 10 reviews on a retailer like Amazon
  • writing and sending your first author newsletter
  • getting 10 (or 100 or 1,000, depending on where you are in your journey) new subscribers to your newsletter
  • receiving an email from a fan telling you how much they liked your book and even how it changed their life
  • being asked to speak somewhere
  • your book being nominated for an award
  • your book winning an award
  • getting a movie deal for your book
  • reading a book that gives you insight into your own writing or sparks inspiration for another book
  • getting paid for the first time for selling your book
  • selling 1,000 copies of your book (or a 100 or 500, depending on previous sales)
  • making $100 in book sales

How to Celebrate?

  • do a dance
  • say “Whoohoo!” (Try it!)
  • laugh loudly
  • tell yourself that you are awesome and talented
  • tell someone else about your success
  • eat a piece of chocolate
  • eat your favorite dessert
  • eat a piece of fancy cheese
  • listen to a favorite song (bonus: sing along to it!)
  • go out to eat with friends or family
  • read a chapter from a book
  • watch half an hour of TV
  • buy yourself something you’ve been wanting to buy
  • go on a walk
  • do something you find fun
  • buy a trinket related to the milestone you reached
  • frame a printed spread from your book or the cover of your book



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