Advantages to Selling Pre-orders

You may or may not have tried selling your books as pre-orders, but is selling pre-orders advantageous?

Yes! Doing so can help you out in a variety of ways. Here’s 10 reasons why you may want to try selling your book as a pre-order as well as some tips to help you out when you set up your own pre-order.

Advantages to Selling Pre-orders

Selling to Readers

2. You can include a link at the end of a first book in a series to where the next book is available for pre-order. That way, you don’t lose readers just because the next book isn’t out yet.

3. Most authors do some promotion on their book before it comes out. With a pre-order, readers can instantly buy the book when they see your promotion, instead of waiting for it to come out. Because they don’t have to wait, they are more likely to buy the book right then (and not forget about it later).

4. Having a pre-order means you can start accruing money on a book you haven’t quite finished yet.

Rank and Visibility

6. Books that are on pre-order may seem more professional to readers.

7. Your book will show in the Coming Soon filter, which gives your book a little extra exposure.

Building Buzz

9. Selling pre-orders allows your fans to get excited about the book early. If they’re excited, that means they’ll tell more people about it.

10. Those who have pre-ordered your book and have been waiting to receive it are more likely to leave a review because they’re excited about your book and they’ve been thinking about it a lot as they wait for it.

11. With Book Caves new release emails (coming soon!), you’ll be able to put in your book as a pre-order, and we’ll email all the readers who are following your author profile to let them know about your new release on the day it comes out.

Tips for Selling Pre-orders

Always stick to the pre-order deadline. Failing to do so not only disappoints fans but can also result in serious consequences from vendors (Amazon will block you from listing any book as a pre-order for one year). Related to this, make sure you upload the final ebook by the deadline. You don’t want a draft going out to your readers, and you don’t want to have to postpone or cancel your pre-order.

Make your pre-order price is lower than the listing price. That way, readers are motivated to order the book as a pre-order rather than wait for it to be released.

You might not want to make the pre-order time too long (unless you’re a very well-known author). You don’t want readers to lose interest or be frustrated that they don’t have their book yet. Some authors recommend a month. Others swear by three months. You should experiment and see what works best for you as an author.

Book Cave does not advertise pre-orders on our regular retailer deals page. But you can submit a book that is on pre-order and we can save a spot for it on our calendar for a date that is a minimum of three days after the release date. If it meets all the submission guidelines at that time, it can then be approved right away.

Originally published at on October 10, 2017.

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