5 Qualities of Successful Authors

1. Creativity

2. Discipline

3. Willing to Learn Something New

  1. We live in an evolving world; the way authors work today is not the way authors worked decades ago. Today, work is done digitally, and to communicate and work with editors and designers, authors have to be willing to learn about and use new technology. Authors also need to be able to learn about marketing their book digitally, and self-published authors have to learn about ebooks and how to upload their books for sale on digital retailers, such as Amazon.
  2. If you never learn new things, your writing will become stale; you can only write what you know. Authors destined to succeed are eager for new knowledge and experiences that they can incorporate into their writing.
  3. Research is another way to learn new things. By thoroughly researching, you will likely learn far more than you will ever include in any given book, but the result is writing more authentically.

4. Willing to Improve

5. Observant



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