10 Signs That Will Help You Decide What Type of Writer to Be

What Type of Writer Should You Be?

  1. You spend too much time on the internet, reading dozens of articles every day. You have a blog and write interesting posts on social media that get many likes and reposts. In this case, you can be a web content writer.
  2. You like doing research and you know thousands of interesting facts about different subjects. You have an academic background and never stop learning something new about the latest studies and discoveries. This means that you can be a research writer.
  3. You hear stories that your friends tell and imagine books based on these stories. You like reading memoirs and biographies, becoming excited about the real stories of successful people. In this case, you can be a ghostwriter.
  4. You like reading news about everything. No matter whether it’s politics, sports, music, or gossip about celebrities-you always know the latest news and can’t wait to share this information with others. This means that you can be a periodical writer.
  5. When your friends ask you how to install some program or how to fix a broken toaster, you are happy to provide them with step-by-step tips and detailed information. You like to teach people and to share your knowledge. This means you can be an instructional writer.
  6. You have a very vivid imagination. Your head is full of characters, dialogues, and stories. You love to write and you do it when you have any free time: when waiting in a line, when sitting in a coffee shop, etc. You write a lot because you like the very process of writing. In this case, you can be a novelist.
  7. You are extremely organized. Your friends rely on you when they should get to the airport, you set reminders for every day of the week, and you always stick to your schedule and can easily say how much time it would take to write a certain number of words. These are signs that you can be a staff writer.
  8. You’ve got an MBA, you have your startup or business of any kind, and you love everything about the world of business. You attend various conferences and you don’t need any help when it comes to white papers, speeches, or reports. This means that you can be a business writer.
  9. People don’t like to watch movies with you because you always know what happens next. You notice every inconsistency in a plot, some dialogues sound too corny and unnatural, and you know that you could write better. Thus, you start writing your own fanfiction book and then its sequel. Perhaps you would be a good screenwriter.
  10. When you tell your friends about your new smartphone, they want to buy the same one. People ask you for advice when they can’t decide whether or not this new car is worth its high price, and then they feel good about their choice while driving it. In this case, you can be a copywriter.



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